Google trends is the SEO future of keyword Research

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Google Trends is the thing to track your keyword for SEO. Just like you targeting for you are targeting a keyword for the business and
checking via GOOGLE TRENDS instead of Google Keyword Planner. it’s a good thing.
Google Trend Will provides consistency of the keyword that you can understand which keyword you have to choose for target.
Google Trends just updated in there tool. 
Let’s see what it is.
1 How to use GOOGLE TRENDS?
Target the keyword just like 
Keyword name A- hotel in India
Keyword name B – best hotels India
Let’s Work of Google trends
Go to add keyword 
Keyword name A- hotel in India
Keyword name B – best hotels India
Now the best feature is you can check about keyword
Explore Location- You can track the keyword by Country and the State 
Google Search Network- Web, image, news, shopping, Search, YouTube 
Past Duration/track- Track by past duration – year, days, week, months
It will show result via region by city.
Also you get some related some which is convenient for user
That’s all about Public Google trends
Let’s Tune With us our next blog on SEO Tricks of Google Keyword Planner
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