How to use codeguard application save your time in get backup of your website

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Backup of source code-

CodeGuard keeps a backup of your website on CodeGuard servers. Then, CodeGuard use standard open protocols (FTP and SFTP) to monitor your site and check for changes. If anything has changed from the backup CodeGuard have on file, CodeGuard take a new backup and notify you by e-mail.


If website owner ever want to go back to a previous version of your site, just use CodeGuard's restoration functionality to choose the backup website owner want to revert to.  

Follow the instruction


Ø  Site Name – e.g

Ø  FTP Server Name- / ip address

Ø  FTP User Name – e.g [email protected]

Ø  Password

Ø  Click on Test or proceed.


More Way to connect

Ø  SSH Key user name

Ø  SSH Password

Ø  SSH Private key


Once your files is uploaded you you will get this screen on codeguard dashboard



Specif details and actions performed by the codeguard as follows


a graph will shoes action perfrmed view angle



Backup of Database


For the database backup you need

 > Domain name / White listed IP Address

>  MySql User Name

>  Mysql  Passoword

>  After proceed it will show you interconnected database

> Select the database

> Submit for backup



After the connection established codeguard dashboard will look like this



CodeGuard is one of the cheaped tools for server side backup schedule facility

the pricing as follows

Pricing -




For More Details

Benefits -

> cheap for purchase

> One click restore facility 

> One click restore via android devices


> Server side encryption

Get the more details about the dashboard



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