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  • Cpanel Hosting Tutorial: How to create FTP accounts

    Cpanel – control panel master head of control system that can modify of your website all configuring server level.

    File Manager: Where the all development files contains like. E.G: .php, .html, .css

    You can access this file manager feature from directly log in to the cpanel account by using you website address like this. E....

  • how to connect your website with google seo tool, google webmaster tool

    Google webmaster for the track your website performance, with Google search console you can access the models that you get more information your website performance and other details.

    Let’s get more information about how to connect your website with Google webmaster.

    This is the initial dashboard of Google Webmaster. &n...

  • Check my website is down, Notified in your MailBox

    Keeping the eye on website very hard these days, sometimes we have more than one website.

    IS MY WEBISTE DOWN? This question always came into your mind when you engaged somewhere.

    There are many online tools to keep eye on this. We take an interval and spend some time to analyses this which tool is good, free and user friendly...

  • How to use codeguard application save your time in get backup of your website

    Backup of source code-

    CodeGuard keeps a backup of your website on CodeGuard servers. Then, CodeGuard use standard open protocols (FTP and SFTP) to monitor your site and check for changes. If anything has changed from the backup CodeGuard have on file, CodeGuard take a new backup and notify you by e-mail.



  • Where you can find domain / website details?

    Here is the top websites who fetch the data of website ow...

  • Everybody Activate this security first before using new version of WhatsAPP Version



    Alternative of BootStrap CSS and lightweight framework that you never heard.



    Best video calling smartphone Google Application

    Best video calling smartphone Application ever by Google - Google Duo 1-to-1- Video Calling Application on Smartphone Devices

    Video calling is the best way of the future world iinface and communication media on this planet. On this infotmation techmology world technology are woking o...

  • Google trends is the SEO future of keyword Research

    Google Trends is the thing to track your keyword for SEO. Just like you targeting for you are targeting a keyword for the business and
    checking via GOOGLE TRENDS instead of Google Keyword Planner. it’s a good thing.
    Google Trend Will provides consistency of the ...

  • Why my blog doesn't currently qualify for adsense

    The blogger is website that provide you the best way to make your own blog for to post any content like text, video , images, shared links and more. Its very easy way and you learn once you will be expert in that.

    Now the thing is you created blog ,  you published so many post . At that time you get the search on Google (xyz.blog...

  • What is Social Media Marketing?

    Social Media Marketing is the way of new business market today to do branding, business generation, business promotion, business marketing, business lead generation and the business of consultation to earn money.

    Social Media Marketing is the going to take huge market of the todays advertising....


    Read the strategy for early crawl and index your website I early time. Here is the top 10 objective complete it on your website.

    Let’s start.

    1-      Website

    Need to updates contents that which is which is using in google search. [...

  • Light weight and fast load JQuery to get best user experience

    Light weight and fast load JQuery to get best user experience




  • How to start engagement on website with live chat box


    tawk.to is a free live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. No catch. No spam. No wares. It's truly free and always will be.


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