Check my website is down, Notified in your MailBox

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Keeping the eye on website very hard these days, sometimes we have more than one website.

IS MY WEBISTE DOWN? This question always came into your mind when you engaged somewhere.

There are many online tools to keep eye on this. We take an interval and spend some time to analyses this which tool is good, free and user friendly let take look.


Today we are introducing a tool which we expect and ready and easy to use.

The tool name is Pinguzo.

This to his tell you the downtime can happen on your server and websites get notified instantly to take corrective steps

This this tool using for accessing and monitor the servers and their websites also check your server health and website up time availability and performance

The website monitoring is the best feature in that. Check monitoring, he can show you up time loading time also the average response time. Which is the very nice which are required 

Second one is server monitoring and server monitoring he will give you the details and the information and the graphs about the server monitoring

The notification centers is very nice 
You will get by email SMS push bullet slag heap chat with books and other API which is really great to interconnection and get notified

The research usage that you can view detail information of your CPU Ram disc network usage etc.

this downtime is check on the multiple locations we understand there is our actual service break down

Here are the steps how you go with that.

Here we are adding the website how to check the downtown

Step one- as per your tool and the dashboard section is name of check.
You can add your anything name of your website, would you can easily understand. 

Check my website is down

Step two- check interval, keep the default one minute.

Step three- monitoring location options, check on all locations

Note: you can check the optional parameters if you have.

Step four- click on the save button.

You have successful added the website in your monitoring section.


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