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What is PHP

Jan 16, 21 DevGoD
What is PHP

It's for windows, make sure your windows need to be updated to complete this update.


What is PHP?

PHP is a server scripting language for making dynamic web pages.

PHP is globally used and most application is built on PHP based. Its free, open-source and efficient alternative any enterprise programming language.


PHP 7 is the latest stable release.


Php is a vast and public lovable programming language. We can develop anything in PHP.


For beginner most of the time it's very hard to choose which languages to go with, so if you choose PhP then welcome and let's start.


"Yes, it's hard if you don't understand the process but you understand it's not.


We are using WAMP [Windows, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyadmin].

Follows this link and download the file, its free.


WampServer download |


Open the browser 


Open link: http://localhost



< ?php"My first Page of PHP";